Tyler Haman


Ohana Fest Virginia Beach

Tyler found movement therapy and yoga through necessity. As a result of auto accidents, by his mid-20s, he had broken several bones, had significant back issues and was recommended for several surgeries.

Instead of going under the knife, he found relief though alternative therapies such as yoga, qi gong and other body awareness practices. He travelled the country, leaving no stone unturned, with hopes of finding healing through a more natural route. Tyler continues to find inspiration through a wide range of influences, from traditional yoga and breathwork to primal movement and the martial arts.

Tyler is a lifelong student and stays on the cutting edge of holistic health and movement culture. His passion is to share the knowledge and practices that have increased his quality of life and given him peace within his body.

Take a walk on the wild side! This class keeps it playful and is sure to take you off the beaten path. Come prepared to skip, hop, balance, crawl and play! Warning: Participants may get wet!