Teresa Floyd


Teresa Floyd Was first introduced to Pilates at the age of 17. An accomplished athlete and dancer, she was looking for alternatives to traditional training methods. Teresa trained under Elyse Tapper Cardon for three years. This was the beginning of her love affair with Pilates. Her life was changed, and she realized that her passion and purpose in life was to help others by sharing the teachings of Pilates. Inspired by her new-found love, Teresa moved to New York with the determination to become a certified Pilates instructor.


Teresa trained under world-renowned Master Pilates Instructor Romana Kryzanowska for over 700 hours. Upon completion of the Level 5 Pilates certification program, Teresa returned to Virginia Beach armed with the knowledge shared to Romana by Joseph Pilates, the inventor of the Pilates method. She works with ChaCha Guerrero, whom Romana gave her lineage to, intensively to spread the method and keep the lineage alive.


Virginia Beach Pilates Instructor Teresa Floyd Teresa has since earned the reputation as one of the strongest Pilates instructors in the Tidewater Area. Over the past six years, she has developed a faithful clientele that thrives off her  energetic and creative approach. She is an expert in observing motion and muscular activation. She prides herself on her ability to design client-specific Pilates programs. Teresa has made it her mission in life to increase awareness about overall health and wellness. She uses the Pilates method to help her students rehabilitate injuries, build confidence, and strengthen muscles that support functional movement. Her students range from those needing alternative recovery methods for injuries, to healthy, seasoned athletes seeking to increase core strength and flexibility. Her goal is to help sustain and elevate the overall health of her clients using the teachings of Joseph Pilates.