Class Descriptions


3rd Eye Blind with Christal Rabalais

Explore your senses, we will use blindfolds to suppress our vision in order to enhance and master our other senses.  Truly allow your practice to work inward while removing all external visual cues and any sense of competition since it doesn't matter what pose you take or how it looks.  Using our touch and hearing to provide guidance, we will explore our inner self through discussion, meditation, and a full asana class.  In addition, we will use the senses of smell and taste to tantalize our senses and enhance our practice.

Acrovinyasa with George and Rita Jones

The earth to air partner yoga is perfect for yogis who are beginning, interested or just curious about acro-yoga! ACROVINYASA class is a mixture of vinyasa, inversion and acro-yoga taking earth asanas to the air. Come with an open mind and excitement to share yoga together! No partner required, as you can find a yogi in class to work with. 

Aerial Swing with Catie Nichols

Our Yoga Aerial Swings are designed to help bring your practice to a whole new level, off the ground! We start off by simply introducing traditional yoga poses with the swing adding more support,  deeper stretches and greater focus on each pose. Once you feel comfortable and confident we will take your practice off the mat and into the swing.  Every step is explained in full detail so you are set up for success from the very beginning. As in all yoga practices we will offer options to modify and challenge as you would like. You choose how far you take your yoga swing practice.  Yoga swings have been effective at alleviating back pain, increasing flexibility and range of motion throughout the whole body, isolating stretches and creating a calmer and focused mind. Every step is explained in full detail so you are set up for success from the very beginning.

Class is limited to 20 participants.

A Journey Within with Ayden Galindez

A feel-good, all level Hatha Vinyasa class designed to guide students through an experience of self-love.  Yogis will be encouraged to be present in the moment, honor where they are on their journey, at the same time keeping it playful through exploration of the body, breath and mind.

Akwa Tea with Alex Ford

Akwa- a yin yoga sequence synergized with herbal sun tea to melt stagnant energies and stimulate the flow of chi by activating the water element within.

Open to all levels ages 10+.

Arm Balances with Hannah Hooper

An intermediate to advanced class, but is open to all students who want to learn how to break down arm balances in a logical method while still flowing and moving with the breath.  Expect a well-rounded practice with emphasis on core awareness and strengthening, and also learn ways to stabilize the shoulders and wrists in postures like bakasana (crow), vasisthasana (side plank) and play with other related arm balances before finishing with deep hip-openers and a relaxing savasana. 

Ashtanga with Artis Smith

In this class, Artis will go through half of the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga.  Ashtanga is the foundation of Vinyasa style and breath with movement classes. All levels are welcome and  modifications will be given for the more challenging poses. Some knowledge of basic asana is helpful.

Ayurveda with Christine Harrell

Vata Balancing Class- bringing people who live like "the Flash" back to Earth speed.  During this class, Christine will utilize grounding postures linked with a slower flow along with a soothing breath practice to calm and balance the nervous system.

Bikram Express with Miki Guastamachio

Bikram Yoga is a set sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. It is done in a heated room with added humidity. The heat is used as a tool to benefit better circulation, warm the body for safer stretching, and to bring strength and determination to the mind. When done in studio it is usually 90 minutes and all postures are done twice, with the exception of the last one. Class today will be 60 minutes and not all the postures will be done twice. This is referred to as Express Bikram.

This class is accessible for beginners all the way to advanced practitioners. Bikram Hot Yoga is based on a fundamental scientific principle: that heat accelerates chemical reactions. And since your body runs on biochemical reactions, speeding them up produces results faster. These 26 postures systematically work every part of the body, to give all the internal organs, all the veins, all the ligaments, and all the muscles everything they need to maintain optimum health and maximum function. Each component takes care of something different in the body, and yet they all work together synergistically, contributing to the success of every other one, and extending its benefits.

Chair Yoga with Johanna Cunning

Chair Yoga is one of the gentlest forms of yoga available.  Students perform postures and breathing exercises with the aid of a chair.  Participants can experience the many benefits of yoga without having to get up or down from the floor.  This class is appropriate for those with special health conditions, those who want a slower-paced yoga class, or who are looking for a beginner-level class, as well as students who use walkers, canes, and wheelchairs.  

Benefits of Chair Yoga include:

  • Improved strength and flexibility

  • Improved proprioception (body awareness)

  • Reduced stress and improved mental clarity

  • Increased range of motion

Doga with Christal Rabalais

Doga is a partner yoga class that people do with their dogs.  Like yoga, Doga balances, harmonizes, purifies and transcends the body and mind of the practitioner.  What makes Doga unique is the practice and benefits that create a harmony and synchronization of energy flow between the owner and dog. Humans who practice yoga are either a yogi (male) or yogini (female) and the canine equivalent is a dogi (male) or dogini (female). Doga brings us back to more simple things.

Dharma Yoga, Master Class with Jen Helgren (2 Hours)

Dharma Yoga, Master Class is geared toward the intermediate/advanced student and yoga teachers.  It is based upon the teachings of Yoga Master Sri Dharma Mittra and will incorporate chanting, pranayama, asana, deep relaxation and meditation.  Postures will include backbends, twists, inversions, stretches and balancing postures, with advanced variations of postures being offered. This challenging class meets the student where his/her practice is, allowing for different variations and modifications based on a student’s individual practice, and provides the opportunity to further explore and deepen one’s practice in order to progress forward both physically and spiritually.  There will be an opportunity for the students to come together as a group to celebrate the practice and enjoy asana exploration (and play) alongside one another. Dharma Yoga, Master Class is a positive, charging, energetic, challenging and encouraging experience, fostering a sense of community that is an important component not only to Dharma Yoga, but to the entire yoga community itself.

Family Acro with Jesse Braade and Lindsay Richards

How great is it to feel weightless and fly through the air?  Family Acro provides a playful union of acrobatic flying poses and games for kids and grown ups.  During this class, there will be time for families to play and have just fun together!

Family Yoga with Jessica Brink

Ohana Family Yoga will incorporate postures, breathing, music and games during this 60 minute class.  This gives way to the perfect setting for families to spend time together while learning about yoga!  There is no better way to bond and build a stronger connection to your family while developing a love for yoga.

Funky Down with Jess Proctor

Funky Down is a free flow class designed for exploration of mind, body, and spirit. Jess will guide students through different postures within a sequence then turn up the music and allow the students to move to the rhythm of their own breath. This freedom creates a space of exploration. It is a challenging class and it is not uncommon to throw in inversions and arm balances along the way. Funky Down is open to all students but is recommended that practitioners have previous yoga experience. 

Goal: Strength, Endurance, Cardio, Flexibility and Mental Focus

Gentle Flow and Chanting with Christine Harrell and Elizabeth Sanderson

Gentle Flow Yin featuring Elizabeth Sanderson from PranaMuktiBhakti.  This class will connect the breath, mind, and body through linking longer held postures with a gentle flow that give access to experiencing a greater sense of space within and aligning to our own sense of personal freedom. We surrender into the sound of melodious sacred mantras sung over soft harmonium as we move our bodies and relax our minds. A guided meditation with singing bowls during Savasana will lead you into your senses, the longing for the True Self and serve as a reminder of the bliss that is inherent within each of us.

Gentle Yoga with Suzanne Toone

Gentle yoga is perfect for any BODY at any level in their yoga journey.  We will explore the softer side of asana through breath work and gentle stretching. The focus here is relaxing in the pose with ease as we elongate the muscles of the body.  Allowing the body to open up gently through proper sequencing is a wonderful way obtain flexibility, and create inner peace.

Goat Yoga

Get ready for lots of “kidding” around in Goat Yoga.  Cuddle, pose, and laugh during this hour long class with sweet baby goats and their infectious energy.  Goat Yoga is open to all ages. Yogis are guaranteed to be hopped on, chewed on, and leave feeling joyful!

Gong and Sound Healing with Rhonda Barnhill

Gong and Sound Healing is a 60 minute class about relaxation and receiving. This class will start with some easy breath work and centering exercises along with some group chanting to help us relax, center and receive the vibrations of the Gongs and other instruments.  For the bulk of class, lying on the mat will be most comfortable but sitting is also an option (chairs available too). If you would like to bring a pillow, bolster or blanket to make yourself more comfortable, please do. Rhonda starts with a lite Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep, like a guided meditation) and then the sound healing with bowls and gongs begin.   The gongs can hit some high crescendos, so if your ears are sensitive please feel free to bring ear plugs, as you will still receive the wonderful vibrations, rattles, chimes and drums. If space allows, Rhonda will also walk around with a smaller gong and other instruments that will move over the body for a closer connection to the vibrations. To conclude the sound healing, we will move to a sitting posture and chant together.

Handstands with Jesse Braade and Lindsay Richards

Unlock the secrets of handstands at Ohana Fest. In this workshop you will learn the keys to setting a strong foundation, a variety of entrances into the pose and ways to hold and maintain the shape by tapping into your strength, breath and stability. In this class, you are in good “hands” with Jesse and Lindsay.

Introduction to Meditation with Jan Joyti Jennings

Anyone can learn to meditate; all you have to do is try.  This intro to meditation class will cover everything from why we meditate, what do we focus on to how to do it. After the discussion it will be followed by a meditation that is accessible to everyone.

Jedi Kids with Brien Egan

Step into the Star Wars world of using the force and learning to negotiate treaties with and without lightsabers!  Yogis will have epic battles with lightsabers while learning to calm and focus their minds using mindfulness and qi gong, as well as many other activities to help the younglings balance their own inner force!  Join us as we find out how to resolve conflict and use leadership skills to balance the powers of the Sith and the Jedi!

JEnergy Flow with Jen Fedorowicz

Energy Flow with Jen is a yoga class designed to briefly explain your energy systems, and to help you connect to your own prana (life force) within.  You will learn techniques through breath, tapping and yoga poses that will help balance your energy for a happier and healthier life.  When your energy systems are balanced you have optimal health, joy and vitality! 

Ages 10+

Kids Class with Alex Botero

Join Alex for an hour of fun Spring funkiness by taking a journey deep into the forest and discover all the amazing animals that live there, through yoga.   Yogis will greet the sun, fly over the sky and monkey around until they are ready to come down to the ground. Ohana Kids Yoga will explore partner poses which will build trust, teach safety but most of all will be FUN! Bring your best attitude and be ready to play!

Parents are welcomed to join the fun.

Kids and Family Fun Sing Along with Angela Taylor

Nothing brings families together like music, laughter and yoga.  Spend time with your friends and family practicing yoga while joining in and singing along.  There will be live music and familiar songs for all to join in and have lots of fun! Kids and Family Fun Yoga is geared towards children and families but is fun for all ages!

Kids Yoga with Jessica Brink

Learn, laugh and play with Jessica during an Ohana Kids Yoga practice.  This class incorporates postures, breathing, music, games and partner play.  Kids Yoga is great way to introduce breath work and yoga to your child all while being done in the name of FUN!  

Laughter Yoga with Johanna Cunning

Laughter Yoga is a revolutionary mind-body practice that combines simple laughter exercises with yoga breathing techniques in order to enhance one’s overall health and happiness. No special equipment is needed. All anyone needs is an open mind and a willingness to laugh. Participants will learn how to laugh for absolutely no reason – one does not necessarily need jokes, humor, nor comedy to experience laughter. This class will include a brief introduction to Laughter Yoga, laughter exercises, pranayama (breathing) techniques, and a laughter meditation.

Benefits of laughter include:

•Increased blood flow & oxygen to all the major organs

•Enhanced endorphin levels, which make us feel uplifted & can reduce pain

•Increased stimulation of the immune, digestive, & cardiac systems

•Reduced stress levels

Join us for one of the most enjoyable and funniest exercise classes you will ever experience!

Let’s Chant Kids with Christine Harrell and Elizabeth Sanderson

Let’s Chant Kids is a class for all age groups, from kids to elders, that explores the chakra sounds while dancing and playing instruments; singing bowls, drums, shakers, and a harmonium!  We will find our yoga poses for each chakra and chant the sound that goes with it!! In this class we will explore the chakras by chanting their specific sounds while doing postures that support and enhance their positive qualities.  This is fun for the whole family as all ages and levels are welcome!!

Meditation with Jen Fedorowicz

A daily meditation practice will change your life!  Health and happiness are two results of a regular meditation practice. If you think you can't meditate,  Jen will guide you through the steps and show you that it is easier than you think. In this class, she will give you many reasons WHY you should start a meditation practice and together all will practice different ways to meditate so that each yogi can find the practice that works best for them.  

Mindful Kids with Dani Orender

Mindfulness is defined as “paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally, to the unfolding of experience moment to moment.” In this class we will do mindfulness activities that kids can use in the future, whenever needed, to increase focus, attention, concentration, self-awareness, and empathy while decreasing stress and anxiety. Activities may include creating mandalas, walking a mindfulness labyrinth, mindful breathing exercises, and more!

Namaslay with Joanna Porter and Dj Ni Ni

Join Joanna and Dj Ni Ni and NAMASLAY  to the soulful beats of The Weekend.  This class is a vinyasa style flow with a musical collaboration. Namaslay will leave you invigorated and energized to take on the rest of the festival.

Paddleboard Yoga

Spice up your yoga practice by heading down to the pond, where your favorite yoga poses are combined with Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP).  SUP is sure to add challenges to your yoga practice. Not only will it challenge you mentally but it will help you build better balance, endurance, coordination and body strength.

Partner Prenatal with Rita and George Jones

Come practice yoga with your loved one; husband, mom, sister and/or friend. We will address massage, postures and breathing techniques to cope with the sensations that arise during labor in which help relieve some of the discomforts of pregnancy. Enjoy a blend of partner yoga, labor assists and supportive touch. This is a fun class of family wellness and connection. Go home feeling stronger, calmer and more in touch with your growing family circle.

Power Yoga with Mary Beth Ringgenberg

Power Flow is a fusion of Vinyasa and Power Yoga. During the class we will be bringing together the beautiful elements of Vinyasa by linking the breath with movement, while providing a great boost of energy, focus, and clarity through more challenging postures. The breath will be mindfully directed to fuel and guide the body between dynamic movements, while keeping that heart rate engaged for a cardio workout.

Power Flow is suitable for advanced beginners or beginners up for a challenge as there may be some arm balancing postures and/or inversions. It is Moderate-High level intensity, movements will be primarily dynamic/continuous; equal parts cardio, strength, pranayama (breathing techniques), and yoga philosophy.

Primal Animal Movement with Tyler Haman

Tyler specializes in what people have began calling functional, primal or animal movement. His classes blend traditional yoga asana with dynamic alignment and unique transitions. There will be hopping, skipping, crawling, balancing and dancing. He will often blend elements of qi gong, tai chi, capoeira and modern movement practices. Tyler does his best to tie all of this together with a solid foundation of biomechanical principles and yogic philosophy. 

Radiance Flow and Glow with Angela Kristiansen

A warming, freeing, vinyasa flow to awaken, balance and energize your body while quieting your mind.  This simple-to-complex flow is designed to open the lines of the body sequentially in preparation for a lightly guided savasana meditation.   You will balance the nervous system to soften the energetic resistance we all experience in life.  In doing so you can more effortlessly connect with your inner spark and radiance which in turn enables a deeper connection with your body's inherent wisdom.  
Dial your ego down and turn your spirit up so you can savor each arising moment of possibility with vibrant confidence.  Available to all levels of practitioners. 

Reflexology Foot Yoga with Juliebeth Mezzy

In this workshop students will learn how to apply self–care using foot Reflexology while holding seated poses. Students will learn a brief overview to common Reflexology points on the feet. The location of reflexes on the feet will be applied in this class. Some reflexes on the hands will also be shown. Tips on stimulating these reflex points will be discussed as students are breathing through an asana practice. All students will receive a small color Reflexology Chart to take home with them.  

Reflexology is a science that deals with the principles that there are reflex areas in your hands and feet that correspond to all body parts.

Reflexology is a unique method of using the fingers, thumbs and knuckles on these reflexes. When applied, Reflexology can have a profound relaxing effect on the entire body.  

Reflexology promotes better health and well -being. Relaxation is its main benefit. Simply put, when the body is relaxed, it has an amazing ability to repair itself.

Shakti Ignite with Lian Mosher

Reignite your inner fire as Spring blossoms around you. This 60-minute invigorating vinyasa flow will incorporate pranayama, asana, and chanting as you delve deep within, rediscovering what excites that creative spirit within you. Let go of uncertainty and fear as you embrace your strength and radiance and the divine within. This is a power style class, so the energy level will be high! All levels welcome!

Tantric Vinyasa - Tapping Deeper Into Subtle Body with Muning Hu

This class shares techniques and a philosophy that allows practitioners to connect to their highest purpose and tune inward using all of life as an opportunity to better themselves. Movements are linked with breath awareness, bringing a deeper meaning to all those chaturangas! Physical strength and flexibility are beneficial and an important part of healthy living, yet this class is to teach a yoga practitioner that mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual benefits are beyond the physical achievement.

Tantric philosophy says that every moment is divine and that if one can open themselves to this awesomeness in daily life, one will feel fulfilled and at peace. Every moment is one of love and enlightenment, and we simply need to get our egos/brains/judgmental self out of the way to experience the full grandeur of everyday life.

This class is for experienced beginners through seasoned practitioners and family friendly.

THINK: Body Positive Yoga with Jeanette Gekosky

THINK Yoga is a mind body positive movement.  This class is designed to open the heart and mind to positive self talk and self acceptance.  THINK stands for is it True, is it Helpful, is it Inspiring, is it Necessary, and is it Kind.  THINK Yoga be a part of the movement! Start living the positive life we were built for! A deeper acceptance of the self opens us to a space of peace, positive self talk, and a positive attitude that helps us have a happier more fulfilling life.  This class is open to all levels and will get your blood flowing and mind at peace as we use our bodies in a joyful way through our yoga practice.  THINK Yoga because we all deserve it!!

ViniYoga with Amanda Hamp

Viniyoga is a therapeutic approach to the yoga practice in which postures are adapted to be accessible to each student. Each movement links the body, mind and breath to help enhance the functional significance of each posture. You will create inner awareness to the spine and breath, improve movement patterns, core stability and overall healthy function. As we learn to listen to the body, transformation occurs and we delink from habit patterns that no longer serve us and connect with that place of deep inner silence and meditation throughout our entire practice.

Vinyasa with Alex Clark

Vinyasa – This class is open to all experience levels with modifications available. Vinyasa Yoga is a subset of hatha yoga that is distinguished by its fluid transitions and movement through a series of carefully planned poses that are synchronized with breath. This class will include (poses) and sequences: sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, backbends with an opportunity to learn/practice inversions.

Wakanda Yoga with Artis Smith

Wakanda Yoga is Afro-futuristic. This method comes from years of study and our passion to help heal, uplift, and support our community. It is carrying on the traditional African Yoga practices. honoring the Indian lineage. And at the same time looking towards the future. 
What to expect in a Wakanda class.
This class is paced with African style drumming, with poses influenced by ancient Kemetic, and Hatha yoga traditions. It's an all levels class that is accessible to the beginner, but also the experienced practitioner will have the chance to move into more advanced poses. There are breath exercises, and guided meditation after every class.

Wheel Yoga with Jeyzel Rossi

In this fun-filled 60-minute Yoga Wheel Class, we will be introduced to a variety of exercises, poses and flows as we use the Yoga Wheel to develop our core and stability, as well as challenge our balance and flexibility.  For example, back bending postures can be extremely difficult, but the Yoga Wheel makes a back bending and hip opening practice playful, easy and effortless! This workshop will lead you through a heart opening experience. By the end you will know how to do more than roll around and deepen your backbends, finding the yoga wheel an indispensable new tool for your practice.

Yin Yoga with Muning Hu

Yin Yoga enhances the natural range of motion in the joints physically. By keeping the muscles soft, the practitioner is able to reach deep layers of connective tissue, increase bone density, and achieve a calm and meditative mind during the practice. 

Energetically, Yin enhances the flow of prana (life force) in the tissues around the joints, where energy often stagnates.

Mentally Yin Yoga trains practitioners to become more comfortable with discomfort instead of becoming resistant. It marries meditation and asana into a very deep practice.

This class is for beginners through seasoned practitioners and family friendly.

Yoga4Everybody with Yolonda Imprevento

This awesome flow will incorporate breathwork, poses and props to move you through a gentle yet invigorating practice that is sure to leave you feeling empowered and centered.

This class is truly for ALL bodies, meaning all are welcome no matter your experience or fitness level.

Yoga with Alex Botero

Join Alex for an hour of fun Spring funkiness!!!

We will take a journey deep into the forest and discover all the amazing animals that live there. We’ll greet the sun, fly over the sky, and monkey around until we’re ready to come to the ground. 

We’ll explore partner poses and learn to trust, be safe and most of all have fun. 

Bring your best attitude and be ready to play!  Parents are welcomed to join the fun.

Yoga Nidra with Jen Helgren

Yoga Nidra, often described as Psychic Sleep, is a form of active mediation accessible to every level of student. While in a reclined, comfortable position the student is lead through a guided deep relaxation meditation that helps to relieve and dispel stress and fatigue, while simultaneously rejuvenating the entire system. Yoga Nidra is also described as the state between wakefulness and sleep, conscious and subconscious, and is the perfect remedy for the fast paced, active, and often stressful aspects of modern day life. This practice is ideal for those new to yoga or meditation, as well as the most seasoned practitioners. Every level of student is welcome and can participate (no asana involved). This Yoga Nidra class is taught in the tradition and manner of Sri Dharma Mittra, as he handed down to his advanced Dharma Yoga Teachers, and is considered a deep healing relaxation method. 

#OHANAAFTERPARTY with Jodi Holland

After the DAY is done and the sounds of Jesse Chong are flowing, join Jodi for her #ohanaafterparty.  Enter the Haunted Forest at Hunt Club Farm and be whisked away into a whimsical yoga class filled with the beautiful sounds of Dj Kenny Murray.  This is a silent yoga class where all yogis will wear headphones. The class is held outside and starts at 8pm, please dress accordingly.

The after party is a separate event and requires an additional ticket.

Ages 16+ only

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