Miki Guastamachio


Hi! My name is Miki and I love yoga!!

I received my 200 hour teacher certificate in 2011 from Mount Madonna Center under the guidance of Baba Hari Dass. I taught classical Ashtanga yoga for a year before stepping into my first hot yoga class. I knew this was “something” that would affect my life for a long time. As I continued practicing I realized I wanted to teach this yoga to others. I graduated in 2013 from Bikram Teacher training, and have been teaching none stop since. All yoga is good yoga, and there is something for every body. This practice brings strength to your body, discipline to your mind and control to your breath. One must have all three to achieve equanimity in life. 

Just 6 months into my practice my chronic back pain (20 years of pain!) disappeared. My recovery time after long runs or grueling work outs diminished tremendously. If I am struggling with something in life I turn to yoga. If I am perfectly happy I turn to yoga. Yoga is a constant, it is practiced on and off the mat thru out our lives. Taking time to connect with your Self allows you to be a better you, which then emanates  to those around you. There is no bad side effect. I feel privileged to share it with others. 


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