Lila Luna Laniki


Virginia Beach yoga festival

As an intuitive healer, yoga teacher, massage therapist and bodyworker, and reiki master, Lila Luna Naniki has been given the gift to heal and to connect people with their highest intentions and true selves. While the gift of healing pulses through her veins, Lila still wanted to learn and know more about the subtle and magnificent energies of the universe. With this intention, Lila has attended profound and spiritually based schools: Cayce/Reilly school of massage (founded by Edgar Cayce, located on the Association for Research and Enlightenment campus), Himalayan Yoga Valley Centre in Goa, India, Atma Bodha Yoga School and Studio, and Mindful Yoga Therapy.


For as long as she can remember, Lila has been channeling sound, which has manifested into the gift of playing her beautiful singing bowls at psychic fairs, wellness centers, volunteer events, and yoga studios.


Anyone who meets Lila will instantly feel a heart-centered connection and feel her honest and humble spirit.