Johanna Cunning


Because laughter is such a large part of Johanna's life, in 2013, she completed her training to become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL). Laughter Yoga is a unique concept where anyone can laugh as a form of exercise within a group.  It is a combination of laughter games and exercises with yogic breathing techniques. While genuine, authentic laughter is a desirable outcome, it is not necessary...neither is a sense of humor, flexibility, or mobility.  This form of yoga is accessible to everyone. If you can breathe, you can participate!


Johanna became Chair Yoga certified in 2013. Completing this certification with Debbie Harrell, was incredibly exciting for her. It allows Johanna to share her love and joy of yoga with a larger audience. Chair Yoga is appropriate for students that want the benefits of yoga but do not enjoy sitting on the floor or have difficulty moving up and down from the floor. Chair Yoga is designed to decrease stress, improve balance, increase range of motion, improve flexibility, among many other things.  


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