Jennifer Barongan



Jen began her yoga journey in 2010, initially using the practice to complement her long-distance running and dance. She quickly began to experience the heightening of her mental focus, clarity and awareness, as well as the ability to allow healing to happen inside and out. She credits the consistent practice of connecting the mind, body and breath through yoga. After seeing the practice translate into various parts of her life, she learned that there was much more to the practice than just the physical aspect. Jen pursued her 200 hour certification with Yax Yoga Concepts, graduating in June 2018. She is trained in both Hatha and Vinyasa as well as guided meditation and Integrative Nutrition. As a yoga teacher and holistic health coach, she aims to create and hold space for anyone to come and heal in mind, body and spirit. In her free time she enjoys traveling to new places, experimenting in the kitchen and spending time outdoors. She also has a passion for learning and hopes to attain her certification as a yoga therapist.