Heather Menchinger


I have been practicing yoga as a student for ten years until last summer when I decided to take my practice to the next level and pursue my yoga teaching certification. Upon completion, I have been teaching classes at Inlet Fitness, REBOOT in Lagomar, and a local Montessori preschool.


For a long time I was only focused the physical benefits of my practice. It wasn’t until I became attune to the metaphysical benefits that my yoga practice became something more than just the poses I did in class on my mat. I began to incorporate the values of yoga into my own daily life with my family, friends, and others in the community. What I have found, and what many other yogis would agree, is that beyond the physical benefits, the regular practice of yoga can lead to a decrease in anxiety and depression and an increase in awareness, empathy, self-care, and overall happiness and quality of life


I am a wife and mom of two. Prior to moving to Virginia Beach, I was a first grade school teacher Baltimore, MD.  In addition to yoga, I enjoy reading, the beach, and day and weekend trips with my family to local parks and attractions. I am also slowly attempting to learn to play the ukulele with my son.


I am honored and excited for the opportunity to teach at this year's upcoming OHANA fest! I can't wait to join in a celebration of love, family, and friendship to practice yoga.

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